Our Facilities

Enjoy our property in the peaceful Bonogin Valley. The following facilities make up our equine paradise:

  • Well maintained horse-friendly fenced paddocks.
  • 6 large steel construction stables rubber lined and washbay area.
  • Professionally built sand arena plus a training round yard to provide the safest possible riding environment
  • A ‘Chill out’ zone while you wait and watch for your child to complete their learning experience.

Our Horses

Jazz (black stockhorse mare 14hh)

Our beautiful bred 8 year old broken in and trained by Deb, now Lisa is her proud owner and a great horse to develop your performance skills on. She loves to jump and work hard for you.

Cascade (bay quarterhorse gelding 15.1hh)

Cascade is Debbie’s pride and joy. This now 19yr old gelding was bred and broken-in by Deb and trained to top state level Polocrosse. He is an impressive athlete on the field. His versatility is so precious from walking down the streets of Sydney in the reserve forces parade to being a safe companion and best mate to Deb’s father droving cattle on the side of the rode through the drought for over 6 months. Cascade is now available for riding lessons and it is a priveledge to experience his talent.

Bella (chestnut welsh pony mare 12.2hh)

Our magnificent 8yr old kids pony. This little pony is every girl’s first love and every boy’s best friend. The perfect ‘L’ plate pony for kids, she is friendly, responsive, huggable and lovable. Even the most nervous child has grown enormous confidence riding her. Just watch your child’s skills rapidly develop.

Milly (chestnut thoroughbred mare 16hh)

She’s a great 24yr ol girl Milly. An ex racehorse thoroughbred who’s now enjoying the quiet of our horse retreat. She has developed into a horse for everyone with some beautiful dressage movement!

Max (black stockhorse gelding 15.1hh)

Max is our faithful 34yr old gelding. An amazing heart and gentleman. His placid gentle nature and willngness to listen makes him the ideal training horse. He is about the most gentle natured horse you could ever meet. He has a very soft spot in all our hearts. We love him dearly. He is available for small kids only now.

Buttons (white Shetland mare 11hh)

Buttons our shetland is more like a timid little teddy bear than a pony. She is great with the young ones to plod around on and hug. A very safe pony indeed and the love & joy of our 4yr old twins Jackson & Keira

Tanya Tucker (bay quarterhorse mare 14hh)

Affectionally known as “TT”, she is a fabulous horse for any age and riding level. A gentle nature, she is a great horse for those wanting to develop their confidence. This girl does love a slow trot and canter when asked. Highly trained high performance competition horse in western pleasure by her previous owner.

Asha (bay thoroughbred mare 15.3hh)

She’s a great 24yr ol girl Milly. An ex racehorse thoroughbred who’s now enjoying the quiet of our horse retreat. She has developed into a horse for everyone with some beautiful dressage movement!

Crystal (brown stockhorse mare 15.3hh)

18yr old mother of Deb’s polocrosse mare Ruby. Been there done that all rounder that loves to please. Just a beautiful kind sweet hearted girl that any age and riding level can enjoy.

Sapphire (black stockhorse mare 15hh)

9yr old super talented mare that will be our twins polocrosse pony one day. A super kind heart and fun horse to develop on.

Magic (bay stockhorse mare 14.1hh)

Deb’s 4yr old in training to be my next polocrosse champion. Bred and broken in and with injury at a very young age started with liberty and trick training for fun. She now bows and lies down and just the most enjoyable horse and Deb’s best friend. If you have the pleasure of being allowed to ride her you are very special as it would be on very rare occasion.

Ruby (bay stockhorse mare 14.3hh)

9yr old daughter of Crystal, Deb was extremely luck to obtain her as a near giveaway. With a history of polo she took to polocrosse with passion and helped Deb be selected to represent QLD at Sydney Royal Show after just one season of A-Grade polocrosse. She is also super quiet to ride with great suitability for students bareback classes if you have the pleasure.


Cassie is a 13.2hh welsh mare so wonderful and kind, quiet and willing to perform. Learning to ride, beach riding, takes to polocrosse and nothing phases her.


Our new comer in 2014 is a 15hh thoroughbred mare. She will provide enjoyment to many as she is a very soft willing eager to perform horse


Pony rides at the local spring fair, Christmas party celebrations and show

Horse Care and Handling

All the basics you need to know for stepping in the right direction towards your horse journey. Grooming, safety, catch and lead, paddock; stable care, practical horse first aid basics and how to ‘connect’ with your horse on the ground.

Horse Connection

Natural horsemanship experience to connect with your horse safely and confidently. Focus on ground body language for building excellent communication skills and character development. Followed by bareback horseriding to master the ground work into a true bonding and working relationship.

Horse Riding

Enjoy top quality learning with a one hour private or group lesson with a great instructor & the best horses you can find. In our safe and controlled sand arena.   Learning subjects can also be requested – Natural Horsemanship, Horse care, Bareback, Horse confidence ground handling, Dressage, Jumping, Western, Sporting, Polocrosse, Campdrafting, Trail ride training

Playground Skills

Provides young people with an introduction to horses through a series of games and activities. It is the most accessible way to dip a hoof into the horse world

Horse Talk

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