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What do you think a horse would be saying when we go do silly things such as dressing them up in all sorts of weird things.  A party hat for example!

I think horses have feelings, can express themselves very well and definitely talk to us about the situation at hand.

Cascade in this photo had just tasted the salty water on our Perth roadtrip at the Nullabor and was not very keen on it

Bella in the top photo for example would have put her ears back if she wasn’t happy, would not have stood still and would not have posed for the photo.

There are so many signs for a horse to tell us what they think.

  • Ears one forward one back – listening and thinking
  • Ears both flat back – not happy
  • Moving around and not standing still – impatient
  • Making neighing sounds – small and short having a chat to you or long and loud impatient
  • Turns their rump on you with their ears back or lifts hind leg – not happy and telling you to go away
  • Turns their rump on your without any other signs – not in the mood for being social but will go with the flow

Do you have any horse talk signs to share….

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