How to Help. We provide equine programs for the amazing therapeutic benefits it can provide. We could just have horses for our personal pleasure but choose to use the knowledge and passion we have along with the privilege of owning horses to support individuals and groups within our community.


We Love having sharing our horses with you and they absolutely love the attention you give them! but they are expensive little guys and gals. And we need all the help we can get! We would never wish to stop providing the valuable and rewarding service we do to our community, but it is tough.


The business of horses comes with high cost in operations, 24×7 horse responsibilities, staff, equipment and facilities available to Giddy Up Gold Coast.


A bail of hay in 2014 has increased by 45% within a one month period and rainy days restrict our ability to operate.


Feed, care, shoeing and veterinary treatments cost $120 per week per horse on top of property maintenance, wages, insurances, utilities, equipment, program resources and unplanned vet care such as the Hendra Vaccination alone costing us $2500 within 6 months.


We need your help and any donations you can provide is greatly appreciated and we will do our best to keep you updated within our newsletter of our continuous strive for improvement and support to the community.