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RedBalloon Reviews:

it was a beautiful experience to spend quality time with such beautiful beings,

they had me in aur at all times, thank you

My 7yr old had a lesson with Emma who was fantastic with her.

She responded well to Emma’s guidance and encouragement and hence she progressed brilliantly in 1hr. Our daughter is very keen to continue and will return for more lessons for sure. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone!

It was a fantastic mum and daughter day and we both had a great time on the horses.

Lovely place & friendly staff! Highly recommended!

Yellow Pages Reviews:

Had an awesome time, the horse riding was great and as a first time rider an outstanding experience with friendly helpful staff.

The Day Spa….. OMG…. one word can describe it….. Bliss. Would highly recommend to anyone :-D

Trip Advisor Reviews:

What better way to spend a day connecting with your horse and learning to ride.

Very professional, great horses to ride and great staff. Lessons include how to care for your horse which are great. One of the best stables I have ever ridden at!

Google Maps & Facebook Reviews:

The horses are amazing beautiful and healthy

the staff are unique and beautiful, the atmosphere is awesome. Bonogin valley horse retreat is my home away from home! Always a good time when I go there! Good laughs with amazing people! Alouise.G

Michelle Carr

what a wonderful team building experience for our staff. A big thanks to Debbie for such a great afternoon

I love Bonogin

and I’m very glad that I found this riding school.

I have been having lessons here every week for well over a year.

I am very happy with both the instructors and the horses.The staff are very friendly and helpful and the horses seem content and well looked after. I have learnt a lot and some of my friends also ride here and they love it too. Adam.M

Would like to take the opportunity to thank Louise again

for all her care and attention to my daughter Bobbi Monday – Wednesday for Pony Camp. Bobbi was a complete beginner and has had a great time, learnt so many new skills. I’m so proud of her. I would love for her to be able to see and ride Oscar again. Sent from Tanya 16 January 2013

Hi we enjoyed ourselves greatly.

Louise was lovely – very helpful, knowledgable and friendly. Karen and David 9 January 2013

The best experience I’ve ever had! Received this as a Christmas present and no word of lie,

was the best present any lady could ever get! 10/10, would recommend to anyone and everyone.

My son had never ridden a horse at all and thoroughly enjoyed it and wants to go back.

The horse was well behaved and all the staff were pleasant and friendly. After hearing my son rave about it I would definately recommend.

I have been coming out to Bonogin Valley

now for about a year and I love it! The horses are so well looked after and the instructors friendly and helpful I have learnt so much, I have recently bought a horse and he is agisted out there he’s so well looked after and deb has been great with all the help and advise she has given me very happy with the service. I would highly recommend Bonogin Valley to beginners to the advanced. Jennie.S

I love your horses and especially Max.

Emma is such a great teacher and i felt very safe with her and my horse. I cant wait to come back Thank you for being a great school xx Lee.R

Jón Geir Sigurbjörnsson

Beautiful location, great people and wonderful horses:)2011

Bonogin valley horse retreat is a very hygenic place,

the lessons that they give are grate, enjoyable and unlike some place u actually learn something i recommend bonogin valley horse retreat to every one i know. If u have a phobia with horses this is the place to go or if u are just learning or even advanced

My daughter has been involved with Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat

for over 5 years learning all she can regarding maintenance, horsemanship and developing her skills as a horse rider. Deb and her team consistently show consideration for the education and safety of my daughter. All instructors are highly competent in all aspects of horsemanship. Could not recommend a better team! Adam.S

We do really appreciate all you do for our daughter.

Feeling so special in any environment is such a gift for young girls and does so much for their self image and esteem as they grow older, so we consider our daughter very lucky to have found such solid special people to be around. See you soon. Cheers Nicole 21 March 2012.

Your riding school is the nicest one i have been to,

the horses are kept in great condition and the staff are all friendly. is a great place

Hi Deb and Mark

Thank you very much for a very nice ride. Just enough speed to make it fun and still allows me to walk like a human today LOL Sapphire is a lovely little thing and I enjoyed my ride. Very soft canter, nice to collect, no hard work. I had fun. I hope Rachelle manages to sort out her immigration woes. She is a very good ride leader. Softly spoken but gets her point across. Well we are leaving the coast on Thursday and will be gone for a year. I hope to come back and ride with you on our return. In the mean time all the very best to you and your family. Regards Lillian

Awesome barn! Great teacher!

I learned so much about natural horsemanship, best horses, riding through a jungle with kangaroos and koalas!!! there’s a breakfast ride, 3 hours one way, nice breaky, splash a bit around with the horses at the nearby river, and have a relaxing ride back! such great value!  Tripadvisor 9/8/12

Excellent, instruction from beginning to the end of our lesson.

I have been riding for 40 years including competing and eventing. My partner Wayne came with me he has ridden twice 30 years ago, he loved it and wants to go again. He learnt to lead a horse, mount and dismount, walk using the correct leg aides and seating position and rise to the trot today and has a new found confidence around horses. The horses are in fabulous condition and the riding gear is of a high standard. I loved having a lesson in conjunction with Wayne it worked really well. Chris our instructor is terrific. I am very impressed with Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat.

I have been riding at Bonogin Vally horses retreats for over a year now and love it!

Such a beautiful place and the staff are lovely I have learnt so much. I have recently bought a horse myself and he’s adjisted with Deb he’s been so well looked after and deb has been great with advice and very patient with a panicky owner. I would highly recommend Bonogin Valley to anyone from the very beginner to the advanced. Just love it

Friendly and informative staff. Very helpful for a beginner.

Enjoyable experience would recommend and look forward to doing it again



FEEDBACK – What you have to say about Your Love of Horses!


They are such beautiful animals and it’s so relaxing

You always have a friend when you’re riding

I don’t know how to answer this – everything! I love the thrill, I love the animals, I love the challenge.

Spending the time with the horses

Love horses and learning to care for them.

It is really relaxing and fun!!

I feel very free when I’m riding and I love getting to know the horses.

Horses are magnificent animals with so much soul. I love riding as it can be so challenging or relaxing depending on what you’re doing.

Peace companionship and exhilaration

It is fun and a great sport

Enjoy the relaxation and freedom that being around horses gives you

Being with horses, getting to understand them.

I grew up with horses, now my daughter just loves everything about them, she thinks riding a horse is the most exciting thing in the world

Having fun, getting out and about with others

I love everything, I love being around horses and interacting with them and then getting to share the riding experience with them.

Great way to get some exercise, being outdoors, being with beautiful horses and feeling great when you finally “get it” after trying, say, to canter on the correct leg!

Having such a giant animal willingly (sometimes) do what I ask, wind in your hair cantering along.


The freedom and the feeling around horses.


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