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Our Mission

Making a positive change in the lives we touch, by providing a structured opportunity for individuals to bond and connect with horses!

To have our organisation benefit youth and disadvantaged individuals in our community.  Through offering opportunities to experience the emotional, mental and health benefits horse care, handling and horse riding can offer an individual. We believe strongly in the long term benefits that come from teaching empathy through animal care.

About Us

Facility Provider of Resources and Services since 2006

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Horses Helping Humans Mental Health Program

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Grass Roots Horse Riding Success For Kids - Education Program

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Grass Roots Horse Riding Experiences

Over 50 years
of knowledge to share

Through our unique programs at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat, participants develop emotional intelligence & life skills such as empathy, responsibility and dealing with challenges in a non-threatening, therapeutic, non-judgemental environment.
  • Build confidence & self esteem
  • Develop emotional control & self-discipline
  • Anger management & impulse control
  • Develop healthy relationship skills, respect for others and yourself
The Freedom of Horses
Unconditional Love
Pure Fun

Horse Experiences

Horses Helping Humans Mental Health Program

Developed by Sue Spence specifically to help young people learn how to display calm assertiveness, to focus, and to have respect as well as empathy for others.

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As a result of the program many of the participants are then empowered to re-engage back into education, workforce, society or their community. 

These life changing skills also impact the lives of others in their direct environment.

Grass Roots Horse Riding Success For Kids

Helping you start your horse journey straight away, easier and safer without the huge commitment and painful or costly mistakes!

Connect with horses confidently, and have a safer horse journey. Time and time again we see kids getting hurt with horses because they are not set up the right way with the right horse. 

We have learned exactly what parents need and want, to keep their kids as safe as possible, and create those magical memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • We will help you along your horse journey and put your best interests at heart. We will answer your questions and guide you to make informed decisions with down to earth, honest advice that won’t cost you the earth.
  • Learn what you don’t know about horses that could cost you thousands of dollars if you buy a horse.